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Connect with us to learn how you can benefit from this empowering series of impactful networking events. Think Like a Woman® places your brand in front of women who are part of highly engaged networks. You’ll expand your circle of impact and influence without so much as moving a muscle.

Trust our network to do its thing! Success is all we know. It’s not in our nature to disappoint.

You’re invested in advancing women forward.

Bringing together purpose-driven founders to make meaningful connections, inspire radical transformation, and harness the true power of the women around them to shine their unique light.

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15 units of product included in gift bags

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15 units of product included in gift bags

Logo featured on website

Brand highlight in newsletter

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– Dr. Janan Sarwar

Who’s at the table?

The Empresaria
Em-pre-sa-ria f. noun

A female entrepreneur who creates something greater than the sum of its parts

Balancing acts. 50% are entrepreneurial mothers, mastering the art of business growth with the heart of motherhood.

Future focused. 50% are embracing family values and fostering relationships alongside careers.

Powerhouses. Diverse in roles and united in success. From doctors to lawyers, coaches, and beyond, they generate significant revenues. Many are embarking on their second or third successful entrepreneurial journey.

Community Based. A network of high-caliber women, driven to collaborate, share insights, and accelerate both their business and personal aspirations.

Empresarias are well-connected and willing to walk the walk, especially when it comes to supporting brands they believe in.

“The gift bag was filled with timely and relevant goodies. I loved that everything in the bag was useful for me and truly felt like a gift.”

– Martika J.

About Think Like a Woman

Think Like a Woman® offers a personalized approach to networking that uses curated conversation to promote meaningful connection and transformation to help purpose-driven women lift each other up and shine brighter than before.

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