Would you believe us if we said a brunch could change your life?

The Empresaria Brunch Experience is a highly curated, invite-only, roundtable event that brings together 15 extraordinary women, each ready to lean into their power and help each other change the world.

A Space to Shine Your Unique Light

The Empresaria Brunch Experience was designed to help you transform.

Fifteen formidable women, each a trailblazer in her own right, gathered in an intimate setting surrounded by fine food, high fashion, and most importantly – each other. It’s a safe space for vulnerability, heart-to-heart conversations, and making the changes you know you need to make to have the impact you desire.

1) Submit your application

Values drive everything at Think Like A Woman®, which is why we start our process with an application. Here we can learn more about you, your business, and what drives you to make an impact. Applying is free and there is no obligation to attend a brunch once you are accepted, but we’ll invite you to attend events where we think you’ll be able to make tangible connections that produce solutions and bring you closer to meeting your business goals.

2) Receive your invitation

If you’re a good fit for a table in an upcoming event, you’ll receive an invitation to purchase your ticket with all the necessary information to plan accordingly and participate. Start thinking about what to wear and who to bring along with you!

3) Change the world

Each Empresaria Brunch is an opportunity to share stories, embrace challenges, and collaboratively find solutions. You will be surrounded by 15 other powerful women, dressed up and embodying their aspirational selves, ready to empower one another to reach your full potential and shine brighter together. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from successful female founders and industry leaders, expand your network, and gain valuable strategic insights to take your business to the top. Individually, you are all powerhouses – together you can change the world.

“Attending the Empresaria brunch this weekend was a dream come true. It was truly an honor to be invited to have a seat at the table. I had the pleasure of meeting extraordinary businesswomen, mothers, sisters, entrepreneurs and friends during this event. The opportunity to brunch and network with such intelligent and accomplished women was absolutely incredible.”

– Amber T.

The Empresaria Brunch Experience

Your ticket grants you and a guest exclusive access to…

An unparalleled networking event

Join forces with a hand-selected, high value group of powerhouse women. Expect limitless opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and strategic partnerships. Gathered in an intimate, close-knit setting, you’ll be in a safe space for vulnerability, heart-to-heart conversations, and making the changes you know you need.

A world class brunch

We’ll embark on an exclusive culinary journey with a three-course fine dining experience that’s entirely customized and tailored for the table. We fully cater to personal dining requests and restrictions. Sip on unlimited drinks with your esteemed guest. What could be better than sharing this experience with someone who means the world to you?

The highest-quality content

We carve out time before and after the event so our event photographer, Adeline, can capture gorgeous candids as well as posed headshots. We’re happy to help with filming social content before or after the brunch, but please note that there is no photo or video during the brunch itself. You’ll be able to use all professional photo and video content for headshots, social media content, and your own marketing.

Ultra personalized gifts

A reusable canvas tote full of products that are carefully sourced from sponsors we’ve identified to support you in your transformation while echoing our personal values (female-centric, sustainable, and purpose-driven). You will feel as if these products were made just for you because they were all chosen with you in mind!

It’s not just about networking; it’s about forging lasting relationships that extend well beyond the event.

Enjoy direct access to a diverse community of female entrepreneurs and leaders, plus their massive networks of influence and power. Stay connected to continue the conversations, share resources, and expand on opportunities for growth in our private Think Like A Woman® communication channel. Here we ensure you have support and accountability with the follow-ups and action items from the event.

“There is nothing more powerful than an ambitious woman aligned with her aspirations.”

– Dr. Noor Ali

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a dress code?

Every ensemble is a testament to your own personal journey towards triumph. Whether you rent, borrow, or shop your own closet, choose an outfit that embodies your next financial milestone self. We want you to have tangible proof that you can be that next level version of yourself right now. Moreover, embodying your next level self is crucial to the ambiance of the experience. How would she talk, act and think? You’re going to realize you’re closer than you think you are.

Will there be a speaker or other presentation?

No. We are all speakers. Every woman has an equal opportunity to share their story. Our brunches are held in exclusive, intimate settings to ensure meaningful and transformative interactions. At our table, every woman’s story is a light, guiding us to greater heights through structured, guided and moderated conversation that lets your unique voice shine.

Can I bring a plus one?

You sure can! Your ticket includes a seat at the table for you and a guest. Bring a business mentor or friend – someone you look up to and learn from and want to be a part of your transformation.

What happens after The Empresaria Brunch Experience?

After the official programming ends, guests typically continue the night together with drinks, dinner, or exploring the city. We recommend planning your travel and accommodations accordingly if you want to keep the conversation going.

How can I sponsor or contribute to the gift bags?

We have outstanding sponsorship opportunities for purpose-driven, sustainability-focused brands that believe in women. From in-kind donations to event naming rights, there’s a way for companies of all sizes to Think Like A Woman®. Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

When will the Empresaria Brunch Experience come to my city?

Each event is planned well in advance, with locations influenced primarily by community demand. You can view our full event calendar here, or fill out an application and request your city for a future event.
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