Meet Dr. Noor!

Dr. Noor, the founder of Think Like A Woman, is a medical doctor and surgeon turned health insurance consultant from NYC currently living in Tampa, FL.

As a health insurance consultant, Dr. Noor talks to exceptional women on a daily basis – mothers, professionals, and partners who are constantly breaking barriers, bearing burdens, and excelling against all odds.

Their tenacity and hard work inspires Noor and motivates her to push forward and stand up as a champion and a voice for their deeper ambitions… As a natural connector, she envisions the possibilities of these remarkable individuals coming together from all over the world, and supporting each other, fulfilling each other.

This concept led to the creation of Think Like A Woman. The company’s mission is to amplify the aspirations and ambitions of female founders, worldwide.

Here are some things I’ve been told throughout my life:

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

“One day, you will cry for wanting so much out of life”

“You’re a failure”

Whenever I received these kinds of messages, often from those I loved and trust, it never sat well with me. It was a gnawing discomfort deep inside me and a voice that persistenly said, “Wait, that just can’t be true.”

I have noticed, throughout my life in personal and professional settings, women showing exceptional prowess, being infinitely capable but still burying their deepest desires. Probably because of the messages they received, much like me.

I want to feel grateful for every little blessing I have AND I want to achieve more. I have come so so far, but there is still a lot more I can accomplish. Simply because I am capable.

Think Like A Woman is a platform that I built for women to feel safe, welcome and applauded for their drive, skills and desire for more.

I am so glad you are here.

We Combine Elements of:


Embodying and dressing like your next level BEFORE you’re there


Sharing stories of how far you’ve come but still aspiring for more, unapologetically


Sharing a common goal of helping other like minded women reach their next level of success

Get involved!

Welcome to the new age and new world of doing business where we value community and collaboration over competition. We get loud with our ambition and feel proud of our deepest aspirations.

I’ve created this platform to amplify that with merchandise that feels good to use and aligns with the Empresaria lifestyle, in-person brunch events that are designed to inspire, and digital offerings full of resources to carry you to your where you are meant to go.

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