Unleash your next-level self at the Empresaria Brunch Experience: A highly curated, invite only, business networking brunch for ambitious women to connect, grow and nurture their dreams. 

About the Brunch Experience

Crafted for the driven, the daring, and the dreamers this is a one-of-a-kind, highly curated experience that elevates business networking with value-based matching. In this exclusive yet intimate space, ambition isn’t just welcome– it’s admired, nurtured and amplified. The Empresaria Brunch experience is a transformative journey, here, your most audacious goals are not just celebrated, everyone at the table is primed to propel you towards them.

Wtf is an Empresaria?

An empresaria is a female entrepreneur who creates something greater than the sum of its parts. When I couldn’t find the perfect word to capture the power of the everyday hardworking woman in leadership who loves fiercely and creates passionately, I made up this term. It encompasses the drive, desire, and dedication that is deep within you. Are you an empresaria? Then, you’ve landed on the right place on the internet.

About Our Founder

Meet Dr. Noor – The Force Behind ‘Think Like A Woman. From the surgical suite to the boardroom, Dr. Noor’s journey from a medical doctor to a health insurance consultant in Tampa, FL, reflects her multifaceted expertise and compassion. Inspired by the women she meets – resilient mothers, professionals, and partners, she founded ‘Think Like A Woman’ to amplify the voice and aspirations of female leaders that she feels is embedded in all of us, but perhaps dimmed from societal expectations and mindset blocks. She embodies the spirit of the platform she created, a haven where ambition is celebrated, and every woman’s potential is limitless.

The Experience

Who doesn’t enjoy a slow meal of fine dining, unlimited drinkseven greater company, am I right? But imagine a brunch that can transform your life, mindset, and business in mere hours, not weeks, months, or years. Picture yourself seated at a table with celebrated high net value womenhandpicked to support you in overcoming the greatest challenges or achieving your current business desires. Fifteen formidable women, each a trailblazer in her own right, gathered in an intimate, close-knit setting. It’s a safe space for vulnerability, heart-to-heart conversations, and making the changes you need. Here, every attire is a statement of aspiration, dressing for who you want to become – the higher version of yourself – and every conversation is a step towards your next pinnacle. Indulge in a culinary symphony of a three-course meal paired with the clink of unlimited drinks, all in the spirit of transcending the ordinary. If you’re doing great but know you are meant for even greater, but not sure exactly how, then this table is for you..

Hear what other Empresarias have to say…


COO, Kahns Tutorial

I loved the honest conversations.I finally found a group of women who I can relate with since we are on similar journeys. I also love how everyone constantly roots each other on. It was a beautifully uplifting event. I also loved the round table discussion – I thought being able to see everyone was critical in facilitating important connections.



It was the kind of event I would attend again, an event I would recommend to friends and associates. I found it valuable on many levels and I feel strongly that women need to be put in a room together more often – in a safe and open environment like the one provided by Dr. Noor. I like the concept of each guest inviting and introducing their guest at the table.

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